SAN ANTONIO - Whataburger tops many fast food lists for people here in Texas but one San Antonio boy loves it so much he wanted to have his birthday there.

There is a first time for everything and at one San Antonio Whataburger they knew they just had to make it happen.

Mom Cathy Contreras recently wrote about the party on her blog, "She's Crafty." When she asked her son Harry, who has high functioning autism, where he wanted to celebrate his 10th birthday he said at his favorite restaurant Whataburger.

Contreras had never seen parties there and could not find anything on their website, so she reached out to her neighborhood Whataburger at Bitters and Blanco.

And the restaurant delivered.

They decorated the restaurant, bought him a cake, and even sang to him. Harry even got a Whataburger backpack to take home.

Contreras said this is special "because kids like Harry often don't get recognized or celebrated. Kids like Harry are the ones trying to figure out where they fit in. Feeling special and celebrated for a day, is the best gift he could ever be given."

In the blog, even she gives a special shout out to the manager Danielle and her staff for making it all happen and buying all the decor themselves.

For the full blog post, you can visit Contreras’ blog.