A last-ditch effort to bring in business has helped Mark’s Outing survive for now.

According to owner Mark Outing, who graced his name on his downtown burger joint, people came to his restaurant in droves after he posted a Facebook video pleading for people to come by and help him survive his debts and make money for him and his staff.

The post has over 145,000 views and nearly 5,000 shares.

“On Wednesday, we had no customers. On Thursday, we had customers and it’s just continued,” Outing said. “It was an overflow today and I’m just encouraged by it.”

They had so many customers last Thursday that they had to stop taking orders early. And customers say that those tasty burgers don’t disappoint.

“I saw his video on Facebook and a lot of people were raving about it, so we decided to come out today, support a local business, and we were impressed,” customer Marisol Torres said.

Outing says that the response is proof that the community will always come through for him.

“The response is overwhelming,” he said. “It just shows the heart in San Antonio and they are willing to help.”

“We’re a very supportive community,” Torres said. “When someone asks for help like that, we just always support local businesses because that boosts our economy in the end.”

And while Outing admits that they still have some bills to pay, the attention will allow him to catch up and win over new customers who are sure to keep coming back.