COLLEGE STATION, Texas -- A small vial that holds about two tablespoons of blood is about to be put on a woman's face.

Meet Edwina Adams.

She's a mother of two, a wife, and a businesswoman. She's in for a Halloween treat.

"This is the mommy version."

She stopped by Artisan Rejuvenation MedSpa in South College Station for a quick facelift Monday afternoon.

"For this you don't have to take time off of work," Dr. Ricardo Pocurull says.

It's called a vampire facelift and it hit Hollywood a few years ago. Kim Kardashian posted on Facebook about her experience.

However, a doctor in Atlanta gave birth to the idea, which quickly attracted Hollywood celebrities. Now the trend has arrived to Brazos Valley.

Edwina came in for the procedure to smooth out a few wrinkles and add some volume to her cheeks.

Meanwhile, it's time to numb Edwina's face.

"We do offer our patients some wine. If they want, they can have wine while they're numbing up," Dr. Pocurull says.

He then injects Hyaluronic acid, known as fillers, on each side.

Take a quick pause and grab the now separated plasma, which turns into a clear yellow fluid. Inject that gold liquid to add volume to the face.

"For people who don't need a lot of work this is a better option. "

Unlike cosmetic surgery where a patient is under the knife, this procedure will make anyone instantly feel youthful.

"It really isn't that bad. I would recommend it if you're looking for an option that's not surgery," Edwina says.

Vampire facelifts range anywhere from $800-$1,200.

Doctors say there are some risks with the procedure since needles are involved. They recommend to setup a consultation to start the discussion.