SAN ANTONIO - Although schools began to be integrated in 1954 with the case of Brown v. Board of Education, there were still a lot of places practicing segregation.

But this day in history, the then small town of San Antonio made history over lunch.

March 16, 1960, San Antonio was the first south Texas town to integrate lunch counters.

According to the book ‘African Americans in South Texas History,’ it was 57 years ago Thursday that the act put the city on the map.

There was no violence, but a few people did make some calls.

The move was a response to what had just had taken place in North Carolina with four African American college students who held a sit-in at a lunch counter.

The book goes to explain that days after, a banquet was held in the city to celebrate equality in San Antonio and the move lead to the creation of the San Antonio Interracial Committee the following month.

Something the city of San Antonio can be very proud of.