A third-grader's mission to channel kindness is spreading like wildfire at Specht Elementary in Comal ISD.

Harper Henderson, 8, started The Kindness Club Recess Patrol because a few weeks ago, something caught Harper's attention on the playground.

"Sometimes I'll be playing with my friends and I'll see people on the Buddy Bench," Harper said.

During recess, if a student needs a friend, they sit on the Buddy Bench so other kids can come over and ask them to play.

One day, Harper realized that the entire playground was ignoring the Buddy Bench and the students on it.

"The [students] look the opposite way and I'll see the people just playing," Harper recalled.

To Harper, that was unacceptable. She quickly sprung into action and founded The Kindness Club Recess Patrol.

"The Kindness Club is basically to get those people playing to notice the people on the Buddy Bench and get them to try to help," she said. "It's also to welcome the new kids."

Harper's peers helped hang flyers in the hallways, taped next to a signup sheet.

"Make new friends, help stop bullying, get a free pencil if you're at the school, be the good in the world," said Harper, reading the flyer aloud.

Now, just two weeks later, the club has passed the 100-member mark.

"Each day, I hear the report on who has joined. We have fourth graders and fifth graders now, which is such a big deal when you're a third grader," said Harper's mom, Taylor Henderson. "She has really followed through with this. She not only came up with the idea but she's really put in the work."

Taylor says when homework is done, Harper will stay up to make more flyers.

"If she builds on just this one idea and how it could contribute to middle schools' Kindness Clubs, high schools' Kindness Clubs, nationwide Kidness Clubs, she could make this an actual movement," Taylor said. "It's hard to teach your kids in this day and age that their little, tiny idea could have an impact on the entire world."

After all, isn't kindness always in season?

"Little things, they add up. So if everyone pledged to do one kind thing each day, I believe our world could change and be a much better place," Harper said.

Harper's Kindness Club was recently featured on Babble.

Spreading love and kindness isn't new to the Henderson family. A popular article Taylor wrote in 2015 highlights random acts of kindness that she and Harper like to do during the holiday season.