The loss of San Marcos Police Officer Kenneth Copeland is especially tough for a group of students at San Marcos Mendez Elementary School. During the officer's funeral, some of the students wrote cards to send to the Copeland family and police department.

One of the students wrote, "When I heard Officer Copeland got shot, I cried with my dad."

Another wrote, "Ken Copeland had a cheerful smile and we was a good leader."

The students are Cub Scouts and worked with Officer Copeland. Principal Karen McGowan said that Copeland helped bring the Boy Scouts program to the school last year.

"We have about 26 kids who stay every Wednesday, and Officer Copeland was very dear to those kids," she said.

Fourth-grader Aidan Cuellar said that he and his fellow scouts will miss their leader.

"It has been really hard for me and the other Cub Scouts," Cuellar said. "He taught us to help others when they're in need."

San Marcos CISD Superintendent Michael Cardona said that he is proud of his faculty and students for remembering a man who gave so much.

"We are all tied together, and when one part of the chain is broken, it affects the entire chain," he said. "We have to mend that chain and get back on track, and the best way we can do that is to honor him."

They all said that Officer Copeland's legacy at Mendez Elementary won't be forgotten.

"We are looking forward to moving on to when we start in January to just continuing the good work he started with the kids and moving on in his name," McGowan said.