The stories Bill Jones tells never get old to his son Brian.

“Your odds of getting killed were 71 percent,” said Bill Jones, WWII Army Air Force Veteran.

He recounted his days fighting the Germans in 31 missions.

"We went across the North Atlantic in a troop ship in the winter. We went through three major storms in the north Atlantic. I didn’t think we’re going to make it. The whole boat was terribly rocking,” said Jones. “We liked it because if there was a submarine there was no way they could find us and shoot at us. It was so blasted rough.”

When he got to base, the reality of war hit.

“They were shooting red flares. They had wounded. Oh man… and I got goose bumps again. We have to go there the next day,” said Jones.

Jones was a gunner inside B-17s.

“It’s quite a sight in the nose of a B-17, let me tell you,” said Jones.

He took a bullet during one mission in Munich. He got a Purple Heart for his service.

“Didn’t you go after Hitler himself in one of those missions,” asked his son Brian.

“I was afraid you’d do that. You better be quiet about that one,” replied Bill. “Well, I’ll (tell) it anyway.”

The son loves hearing about the times of war.

“(The commander) said you guys are going to love this mission. Everybody when ‘boo.’ (The commander said) let me tell you where you’re going: Adolf Hitler’s place. He’s hidden on the mountain. The Air Force is going to try to kill Hitler today. We’re going to blow that thing off the mountain,” said Bill. “Adolf had left town. I sure was looking forward to dropping those bombs, but we would have made an awful mess out of that mountain. I’m glad we didn’t have to. A lot of people living in that town and we didn’t do nothing bad.”

“I wanted him to be honored,” said Brian.

The days are getting harder for Bill.

“My memory is going some,” said Bill.

Brian knows the stories told by dad will eventually stop.

“He’s the best father in the world,” said Brian.

The legacy will continue.