SAN ANTONIO — These days shoppers are spending more and more time online, especially with events like Amazon Prime Day.

Going online is having an effect on traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

“Closing Soon” signs are becoming an all too familiar sight for major retailors having money issues. Even the popular shoe store Payless just announced this month they are having to close 18 locations in San Antonio.

"It is the Amazon affect that has been happening for about a decade, but now more than ever, people spend more and more time on their smart phones," CBS Moneywatch Correspondent, Jill Wagner said.

Wagner, explains it’s been a long time coming.

"Probably about ten years or so traditional retailers like Sears, Macy's, JCPenny and Walmart have lost billions of dollars in market value when more people shop online. They've tried to launch turn around plans and beef up their digital presence but so far it's had mixed success," Wagner said.

Even smaller retailers are feeling the affect.

Boutiques like Carinos by Eydee learned early on that the web is the only way to try and compete.

"A lot of people they think if you don't have a store front you're not successful and so you're not growing, but I feel like my business has grown tremendously," Eydee Cox said.

Starting on social media first is the advice Cox would give to others wanting to start their own business.

Davida LaHood, owner of Maya Love, took to heart when starting her athletic wear clothing line.

"It’s a little less risky. Yare not going thought the hassle. Where, like ok I have to worry about rent, I have to worry about the space or whatever it is. You can start with a little less inventory," LaHood said.

These women, both business owners and moms, said it’s helped them to expand their reach.

"Anywhere from different states to Mexico and other people who are overseas. So it's fun to have that much outreach without having that physical interaction," LaHood said.

Whether small or large, retailers are closing down or just nixing the traditional brick-and-mortar in order to survive and thrive.