These days themed newborn photo shoots are all the rage.

One mom and photographer wanted to channel their love for a Tejano superstar and it's going viral.

One bedazzled baby is channeling her inner Selena and it's got fans in a frenzy online.

The photo of 15-day-old Natalia was posted online over the weekend by photographer Sofi Guerra.

In the caption she wrote the photo is in honor of the late queen of Tejano. She added that Natalia’s family and mother Helen Gallegos are also big fans of Selena.

Guerra explains she made the hat and had to add the white rose, a symbol from the superstar's crossover album. Of course, a microphone with the red lipstick stain on it made by Off My Hooks was added.

Fans are loving the post with over 12,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

"I’m about to give birth upon seeing this," Marie tweeted.

And get this, Guerra screen grabbed a report by Selena's sister Suzette saying she is in total shock. Guerra said all she wanted was for Selena fans to get a little happiness from the photo.

And seems like she's done just that.