Bob Henry moved his family from Houston to New Braunfels in the early 60's to take over Camp Landa. He'd always wanted to own his own business, says his son Gary.

"Neither one of them knew where New Braunfels was. My mother said, 'It's a camp, that's what you want to do, let's go check it out.' So they loaded us all up in a station wagon in mid-August and we drove to New Braunfels over a long weekend," Henry recalled. "My dad looked at the businesses, decided it was viable and, within a week, had bought it. And within three weeks, he had loaded up his family, sold the house, in Houston and we were living in New Braunfels."

That is Schlitterbahn's origin story. Its founder passed away on Monday night, and the legacy he leaves behind is so much more than a water park.

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Mr. Bob, as many park employees called him, was a talented builder, a brilliant entrepreneur, and above all, a family man.

"He's who we look to for guidance and leadership and direction. He was just instrumental in who we were as a family and what we were as a business. His values carry over to what we are today as a business," his son Gary said.

His final days were spent surrounded by children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

"It meant the world to him," Gary said. "That meant more than anything."