Lives were changed for more than a dozen children on Friday as 12 families finalized adoptions at the San Antonio County Courthouse.

Lisa Robinson adopted her third child. She held on to her 16-month-old baby boy Zane as she waited for a judge to legally make him part of her family.

"We are so happy," she said. "This is amazing. Our son will officially be part of our family."

Adoption program administrator Maria Galloway said that the ceremony is an emotional time for case workers, as it is for new parents.

"They are very excited," Galloway said. "They feel like they accomplish something huge when they get a child adopted."

Families spend at least six months with their prospective adoptive children to make sure it's the right fit.

Robinson is already close to Zane. She's been his foster parent since he was 4 months old.

She said when she looks into his eyes, she feels so much.

"I see hope, I see our future as a child. He's the future of the world."