The devastation left behind from hurricanes Harvey and Irma have left Texans and Floridians a big mess to clean up.

“The housing here has just been totally ripped apart,” said Lt. Augustin Pruneda with the Bexar County Sheriff's Office.

“We quite literally drove through massive destruction,” said Brian Vaughn with SAWS.

“You start seeing telephone poles laid over sideways, then you start seeing roofs torn off of buildings,” San Antonio businessman Aron Lofton said.

San Antonians have seen all kinds of destruction and devastation while helping hurricane victims recover. And they’re just a few of the many. SAPD spent more than two dozen officers to Houston after the city was devastated by flooding. CPS Energy currently has 56 employees traveling more than a thousand miles to Jacksonville, Florida.

H-E-B has made its presence clear throughout the Texas coast, providing 50,000 hot meals, 150,000 cases of water and 4,000 bags of dog and cat food. That’s all on top of donating and raising millions of dollars.

SAWS sent close to 100 employees to Port Aransas and Rockport.

“Just 12 to 14 hour days, installing equipment, the guys were climbing up the water tank, its a 160-foot tank, so they were going up to install radios,” said Vaughn who works for the SAWS IT department.

BCSO just dispatched about a dozen deputies to Aransas County. Lt. Pruneda says it’s been an experience he will never forget.

“You have to give people here credit, the residents and property and business owners for what they’re going through,” Lt. Pruneda said.

Lofton owns a successful construction company. His workers are helping businesses in Port Aransas rebuild. They won’t be returning home to San Antonio anytime soon.

“I’ll tell you, we’re probably going to be here for another six months," Lofton said. "Between the contracts we have and with all the folks that need assistance, we’re in it for the long haul."