Many will sport green for St. Patrick's Day, but the day dedicated to all things Irish also coincides with Lent, making it difficult to enjoy the traditional corned beef.

However, there's an exception to the normal Friday abstinence from meat.

Catholics in San Antonio can eat meat on Friday thanks to the ‘Corned Beef Indult.’

San Antonio Archbishop Gustavo García-Siller waived the rule in honor of St. Patrick's Day, according to the archdiocese website.

The real St. Patrick is a big deal in the Catholic Church. He's known as the Patron Saint of Ireland.

So usually this day comes with large celebrations for the church.

Since the holiday falls on a Lenten Friday, the bishop of San Antonio’s archdiocese could grant the ‘Corned Beef Indult.’

The news was posted on the Archdiocese of San Antonio website but it also asks that if you do take advantage of this, you do some sort of charity work this week or find a way to give back.

However, this is not just for our area. There are a number of other archdioceses and dioceses taking part.

Be sure to do some research to see whether your diocese is participating before you dig into some meat.

Also, some have certain rules, such as requiring that you eat the meat at a church event, but thankfully San Antonio does not.