A retired San Antonio firefighter is marking one year since his friend donated a kidney to save his life.

Jay Williams, 62, went from fighting fires and saving lives to fighting for his own.

One year ago Wednesday, a co-worker came to the rescue with a life-saving kidney.

"I was diabetic since 1980, and I got really sick," Williams said as he fought back tears.

His wife, Jeannine, said her husband's life depended on a kidney donor. They turned to social media for help.

"We put a sign out with a pink poster board begging people to please be a donor," she said. "When we looked at how many people are waiting for kidneys, we didn't think we were going to make it. He was too sick, so we needed a living donor."

Williams now celebrates his hero, David Lofton. Doctors also thanked Lofton or his sacrifice.

To register as an organ donor, visit this website for the national registry.