Hurricane Harvey tore through the Henderson’s family home back in August and, a month later, their 17-year-old son Casey Henderson was critically injured on the football field.

Casey, a Refugio Bobcat and junior defensive back, went in for a tackle and never made it off the field on his own.

“When I saw him lying on the field, I counted to three and me and my husband both said, 'Something is wrong,'” Casey’s mother Nichole Henderson recalled.

The attempted tackle broke Casey’s neck and he was transported off the field to a hospital in San Antonio.

While Casey recovers in the hospital, his brothers and sister are back home in Refugio living in FEMA housing because their home was destroyed by Harvey.

"It's been on my heart to try to help the Henderson family just because there's so much devastation and so much, so many needs in Refugio," Bobcats Football Coach Jason Herring said. "You have to pick somebody, and this was dear to my heart because it affects four or five kids."

Coach Herring said that they’ve raised $14,000 to help rebuild the Henderson's home.

It’s unknown how long Casey will be in the hospital, but his doctors say that he’s recovering quicker than expected.

Casey can already move his arms and bend his knees.

“No, he cannot walk,” Nichole said. “Not yet, but he will be.”

It’s a long road to recovery but Casey says that he’s not going to give up.

The family has set up a fund to help with Casey's medical bills. If you'd like to donate, you can send money via Paypal to the email address