Just when you thought the obsession with the movie 'Frozen' was over, the internet proves us wrong.

There's a video going viral and it centers around the popular Disney film.

Luckily, moms and dads, the video does not involve your favorite song of all time. This time we've got two toddlers doing all the acting.

Twin sisters Maddie and Scarlett were watching their favorite movie ‘Frozen’ when their mom Colleen Jordan filmed the 2-year-olds reenacting the opening scene of the movie.

The video is just so cute! You can hear them trying to say the lines and the two even falling down at the same time the characters on screen do.

Their mom posted the video online and as of Sunday afternoon, the video has been viewed more than 43 million times and shared more than 740,000 times.

"I cannot cope with the cuteness of this video,” Sioned Griffiths said.

“Absolutely extraordinary! Such amazing attention to detail. Can't wait until they can sing too!" Narelle Gibbons said.