Officer Art Parker is getting a lot of attention for a 15-second walk he took last week.

The Plano Independent School District school resource officer escorted Olga Foster and her children to their car. As he did so, he played his harmonica, stomped a beat and joked around.

"It made such an impression," Foster said.

Foster captured the interaction on her cell phone and shared it on Facebook. A week later it's been seen over 200,000 times.

"It's about more than a man; it shows the humanity for officers everywhere," Foster said.

Foster says the good example Parker is setting is especially important to her, because she's married to a fellow law enforcement officer.

"I worry about him every day when he leaves. You never know," Foster said.

Foster says Parker is creating good will in every interaction he has, and in turn is creating a better relationship between the public and police officers.

Parker says he's surprised by the attention, because this is how he's conducted himself all his life.

"It means so much to hear that," Parker said.

The long-time Plano officer says he lives his life in a way to give back and help as many people as possible. Spending his spare time at local schools befriending students, singing and making jokes.

"I want them to know we're here to serve and protect," Parker said.

As the Facebook post continues to spread, he'll have even more influence in North Texas and across the world.