Law enforcement officers from as far as Canada and New York came to San Antonio on Friday to pay tribute to fallen officer Miguel Moreno and his family and show support to the San Antonio Police Department.

Friday was a solemn day for the Moreno family and Officer Miguel Moreno’s other family, his fellow law enforcement officers who came from both near and far to pay tribute to his life.

“When somebody loses their life, we show solidarity and family-hood for coming out and showing support for their immediate family,” said Officer Jose Flores from Corpus Christi.

It’s a bond that they share through a common purpose to protect and serve.

“We get into the job knowing that this is a possibility, and we know that this could take us away from our families,” said Officer Tim Saulter of SAPD. “But it’s personal to us. We enjoy this job. We love this job. We love doing the things that we do for the people that we work for.”

And sometimes, with that duty comes sacrifice.

“It’s a brother and sisterhood. We all care about one another,” said Terry Gish from Austin. “We’re sorry when one of us pays the ultimate sacrifice and loses their life in the line of duty. It hurts all of us.”

While it was an emotional day, it was also a day that showed both SAPD and the Moreno family that in these times of tragedy, they are not alone.

“We know that there are other people out there that are thinking about us,” Officer Saulter said. “A lot of officers are traveling great distances. We have officers that are going to take the time out of their routine to drive all the way down here to show support for us.”

They share a bond that honors the sacrifices to keep us safe.