After the San Antonio Fire Department lost six-year veteran Scott Deem, a local photographer felt that it was important to honor the city’s first responders.

“You guys risk your life every day, and, if anything were to happen to you, your kids want to remember you. They want something to look back on,” said Megan Bowling, the owner of Pop of Color Images.

The 29-year-old took free family portraits for first responders all Friday afternoon at Denman Estate Park.

First responders from Atascosa, Charlotte, and Somerset even made the trip to San Antonio for the nice gesture.

“I just really appreciate that she’s doing this. It’s just not something that we see a whole lot,” SAFD Fire Fighter Michael McCarty said.

SAFD Firefighter Clifford King said that the death of Scott Deem made him reflect on his own life and cherish his family even more.

“It made me look at my life, my kids, my wife and take the job even more seriously,” King said.

Joseph Hernandez, volunteer firefighter and EMT with the Somerset Fire Department, came to the photo shoot with his wife and baby boy.

Hernandez's wife, Denise Trevino, said that it’s important to acknowledge the price families of first responders pay.

“It’s a volunteer basis in Somerset, so they do a lot of getting away from their families and doing things like that to support their little town,” she said.

Bowling said that she just wants them to feel appreciated.

“I know that you guys don’t get a lot of recognition, but just know that there are tons and tons of people that really appreciate the long hours, the time you’re away from your family, risking your life," Bowling said. "We really appreciate it."