For nearly 20 years, during homecoming students exchange eye-catching pieces called mums. They're made of ribbons, flowers, and glitter. Students show off the dozens they've collected throughout the day.

Oftentimes, special needs or A.L.E students miss out on the festivities, so the cheerleaders at Sandra Day O'Connor High School are bringing the fun to them.

"My sister actually started it," said McKenzie Balero, an O'Connor cheerleader. "She saw a student walking in the hall without a mum, so she actually took off one of her own she had received and gave it to these students."

Balero says that bringing the excitement to them is all about embracing them as a part of the O'Connor family.

"A.L.E just doesn't get mums, so we just felt that they should be a part of everything just as we are," Balero explained. "Just wanted to make them feel special."

Since it's a tradition passed down to Balero, who's a senior, she hopes it continues even after she's gone.

"It's really opened my eyes, personally, being a cheerleader. I get so many, and so I like being able to give them at least one," Balero said. "I definitely challenge other schools and surrounding areas, we challenge y'all to include your A.L.E in your homecoming."