In New Braunfels, the cleanup effort is already underway.

Even in the height of the storm, utility workers wasted no time cleaning up debris, rushing to the aid of a WWII veteran who now has no power.

With a hurricane squall still filling the air with driving rain, New Braunfels city workers helped 95-year-old Lupe Suarez.

Suarez says that a giant branch from an old pecan tree smashed into his roof.

"It busted my electrical meter and that's the owner's responsibility, so they came to fix their end and I'm gonna wait for somebody to fix my end," Suarez said.

The force of the blow severed electrical service to the house, but Suarez says that living in the dark is no problem.

He survived the beaches of Normandy and his New Braunfels house off Katy Street has been home since 1947.

"I'm gonna stay here in the house," he said. "I used to sleep in the woods when I was in the service. Boy, if I could have slept one day in a house! You close your eyes while you're sleeping, so it doesn't matter!"

Suarez noted that the mess is easy to clean up, but solving the electrical problem could take days.

The City of New Braunfels has 18 service-minded souls on the job, returning the favor to a man who earned his place in America's greatest generation.

"It affects me in every way but it doesn't matter," Suarez said. "I've been around a long time. I know what life is all about."