More than 200 students from UT Health San Antonio got "matched" as part of national match day, a day where medical students across the country find out where they will be spending their residency training.

During their fourth year of medical school, the students interview at several healthcare institutions and rank their top choices. The institutions also rank the students they'd like to accept. On Monday, the students found out they were "matched", but they didn't find out exactly where they matched to until Friday.

"It's such a nerve-racking time for everybody just not knowing where you're going and knowing that your future is wrapped up in a tiny envelope somewhere," student Tyler Stewart said.

The students will begin their residencies on July 1, but they say that, in the meantime, it's time to celebrate.

"It's a celebration for everyone, no matter if we matched on the first try or we had to go through this whole process," student Thomas Bosen said. "It's a big relief after four years to know that we finally have a job."