It's been exactly three months since Hurricane Maria left Puerto Rico devastated and one local boy has not forgotten about the islanders.

Josh Wagner turned 13 on Saturday and is ushered it in with a bar mitzvah, a Jewish coming of age ceremony. He took on a big project to mark the occasion.

"I told my mom, ‘Let's go shopping to go buy toys, food, [and] medical supplies," Josh recalled.

He did this with the intention of donating and hand-delivering all of the goods to storm victims with his family over the course of two weeks.

They plan on visiting small towns hit hard by the storm, like Maricao, Las Marias, and Aguadilla, according to Josh’s father, Jesse Wagner.

Josh said that giving back to the islanders is a nod to his heritage, since his father is of Puerto Rican descent. Dozens of others have donated to Josh's far-reaching efforts as well.

The Wagner family says that the generosity they've seen so far has been overwhelming.

"Our biggest challenge is figuring out how to take these wonderful things from San Antonio down to Puerto Rico," said Andrea Zweig Wagner, Josh’s mother.

The Wagner family plans to leave San Antonio for San Juan on December 22. If anyone is interested in helping them transport the goods to Puerto Rico contact KENS 5.