Homeowners in the Crownridge subdivision have been displaced after a lightning bolt hit their home on Monday morning, causing a fire.

Bill Svelan had already left his home for the day when his wife called, telling him his home was on fire.

“It's amazing the amount of damage it did in such a short period of time,” Svelan said.

All three of his upstairs bedrooms and the bathroom were damaged, the carpets and furniture were drenched, and clothing and belongings were destroyed.

“It's very traumatic to go through a fire like this because you think about all the things that were damaged,” Svelan said. “It changes everything.”

It also changes his outlook and his appreciation for first responders.

“I’m thankful I live in a city where the fire response is so fast," he said. "There were a lot of firemen, they did a great job. We're very grateful for that."

Svelan has advice for others living on a hill:

“Maybe something to prevent lightning strikes, like a lightening rod might be a good recommendation for people in this area,” he said.

Some insurance companies recommend using a professional to install a lightning protection system. Those systems are made up of air terminals, conductors, and ground electrodes to prevent or lessen any possible damage.

Slevan says that it could take months before their home is livable again. They will be staying in a hotel for now.