Christmas lights are starting to dazzle the streets of Windcrest. The annual Christmas display draws huge crowds every year.

But not everyone in Windcrest is physically able to decorate their homes for the occasion. That's where members of the local fire department and ambulance service step in.

"I think Windcrest is called the 'City of Lights'. When they moved in here, that's what they told us. Now I see why they come!" Windcrest resident Jesus Shugart said

On Wednesday afternoon, members of the Windcrest Volunteer Fire Department and EMT's with Allegiance Ambulance began their yearly tradition: Helping members of their community decorate for Christmas.

"We're talking about elderly people, individuals who have disabilities, injuries, individuals who can't climb ladders," said Jonathan Weidemann, fire chief of the Windcrest Volunteer Fire Department. "We'll do this as long as it takes."

In between emergency calls, these first responders are climbing ladders and lining rooftops with lights.

"It's nice to get out here, meet the citizens, help them and they see us in another capacity," Chief Weidemann said.

They're preparing Windcrest for the most wonderful time of the year.

"They have the carriage rides that start right there [on the corner]," Windcrest resident Kandi Shugart noted.

People start calling for decorating help at the beginning of November. The Shugarts are the first of many on the list to get that holiday sparkle.

"It's a big help for some people like me who don't want to get on the ladder because of bad experiences," Jesus said. "Seeing [the first responders] do this, it just makes me realize how great their help is."

If you're a resident of Windcrest in need of Christmas decorating assistance, call the local fire station at 210-655-0022.

For more information about the 59th Annual City of Windcrest Light Up Celebration, you can visit the official website here.