So many children in need in the San Antonio area can’t have their Christmas wishes fulfilled, so the Salvation Army Angel Tree program eases that need.

But this year, organizers say that they’re coming up short and need your help.

The goal for the program is to help 8,000 children.

“Heading into Saturday, the last day you can adopt an angel, we are actually 2,000 short of meeting our goal,” said Brad Mayhar with the Salvation Army.

Volunteers have their work cut out for them as there were 500 more children that qualified for the program in 2017.

“Hurricane Harvey was a few months ago and there was a little bit of concern about donor fatigue,” Mayhar explained. “They wanted to give to Hurricane Harvey but we also want people to know that, if they can, there’s still kids here in San Antonio that a lot of them say may not have a Christmas this year if they are not adopted in time.”

Organizers say that they need baby gifts and gifts for kids ages 9-12 the most.

“We don’t wrap them, so mom gets to say, ‘This is from me,’” Mayhar noted.

Volunteers are hoping that every kid gets their wish.

You can help by filling a box at a local mall or you can donate to their virtual tree here at their official website here.