Fireworks have become synonymous with the Fourth of July, and while they’re illegal to shoot off in the city limits, every year hundreds of people will light up the sky across Bexar County.

But just remember, every year people are also rushed to the hospital for fireworks related to injuries.

These explosions might seem a little dramatic but it’s the reality of how dangerous fireworks can be.

In fact, the Consumer Product Safety Commission says that, on average, seven people die every year because of fireworks-related injuries. And about 11,000 are rushed to the hospital.

And it’s not just the projectile fireworks, even sparklers can do serious damage.

“Sparklers are very, very hot,” said Ann Marie Buerkle, the acting chair of the CPSC. “That rod can be up to 2,000 degrees and can significantly burn anyone who touches it.”

Overall, safety experts say that if you plan to have fun with fireworks, just make sure you use common sense.

“Keep them out of the hands of kids, make sure you have water nearby, make sure you don’t try to relight a dud, one that didn’t light,” she said.

KENS 5 Meteorologist Paul Mireles says that the recent rains will hopefully keep major fires from getting started if any illegal fireworks go awry.