They left behind their lives behind in Puerto Rico for a new life in San Antonio, in hopes of saving their son’s life.

At just 9 months old, Sebastian is fighting congestive heart failure and will need open heart surgery in a month.

Sebastian’s mother, Desiree Roman, says that Wednesday was an emotional day because of the overwhelming response from the San Antonio community after their story aired on KENS 5.

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People have even opened up the doors of their homes and offered the family a place to stay free of charge. Plus, when the ridesharing giant Uber got word that the family was having to use their services to go to doctor’s appointments, they gave the family 1,000 free rides.

A GoFundMe account for the family has raised more than $3,000 in just one day.

The family says that they feel happy to know San Antonio is welcoming them with such open arms.

And while there’s still a long road ahead, the fragile health of their baby keeps them living day by day, and all the support from a community of strangers makes them feel like they're already home.