For some parents, it feels like your kids are aging you faster, but you can no longer blame them.

New, research shows having kids could help you live longer. Especially into your twilight years.

According to the LA Times, Swedish researchers published the study just this week. They used a national registry to track the life span of more than a million Swedish adults.

The research found 60-year-old women who had children could live another 24 years. Women who don’t have kids were given 23 years.

For men, kids played an even bigger role in living longer. The research found 60-year-old men with kids are expected to live another 20 years. If they don’t have kids, it’s only 18 years.

The authors of the study said although this is all just observational, the reason behind the numbers is that your children could help you in your later years whether it’s "physical, social or emotional support."