SAN ANTONIO – In a “strange” way, Bill Miller Bar-B-Q announced on social media Thursday that they will be bringing back their discontinued cherry cobbler on Friday.

The San Antonio-based chain has been posting Stranger Things-inspired posts throughout the week leading up to the big reveal.

Every Friday throughout the month of October, Bill Miller's will be offering a discontinued item to indulge in nostalgia. They say “Stranger Things have happened.”

“While Bill Miller Bar-B-Q can't bring “Barb” back, we can bring back some great food from the past for our fans!” stated PJ Peek, Director of Quality Assurance for Bill Miller Bar-B-Q, and fan of the show. “Our fans are going to have a lot of fun!”

Lucky for us the first item to be brought back from “the other side” is the cherry cobbler which will be available while supplies last on Friday, Oct. 6 beginning at 9 a.m.

Who knows what strange things will occur over the next few weeks on the Bill Miller’s social media pages, but keep a close watch on it so you’ll be prepared for the next item to cross over from the upside down.