SAN ANTONIO - One of San Antonio's staples is having its busiest month of the year, selling hundreds of pounds of tamales every day.

"Even when we're closed, they come and knock on the door still and ask if we have anything left," Ruben's Homemade Tamales employee Yvette Benevidez said.

Locals know getting there early and waiting in long lines is the only way to get their hands on a dozen.

For Benevidez, she said making tamales all day feels like a tradition with her coworkers, who feel more like family.

"We dance. We sing. We do everything in here. All the ladies, we talk about how the people come and take pictures. It's good working here." Benevidez said.

Planning ahead, waking up early and sometimes camping in the parking lot is worth it for locals who get their tamale fix for the season. For Ruben's, business is good.