SAN ANTONIO -- The food truck industry is growing, and chefs all over the country are looking for unique ways to share their food inspiration.

In San Antonio, a company called “Cruising Kitchens” is helping those chefs by taking food trucks to the next level.

"We're known for building the vehicles that other people won't build,” Cruising Kitchens owner Cameron Davies said. “That's why you see all the crazy stuff out here."

At Cruising Kitchens, Davies and his crew of nearly 30 people can turn just about anything into a food truck.

On the Discovery Channel show "Blue Collar Backers," this group turned a fire truck into a mobile pizza kitchen. Their parking lot is full of ideas turned into works of art.

"It's not just throwing some metal,” Davies said. “There's a lot of talk and a lot of hard work."

"Cameron comes up with some pretty off-the-wall ideas,” lead welder James Flatman said. “It's kind of like playing with Lego all day, just on a bigger scale, really."

Every person in the Cruising Kitchen garage has amazing skills, so the sky is the limit.

"Everyone here has so much talent," Flatman added. “Everybody brings so much to the table and everyone works together incredibly well."

"Everybody is just family,” chief brand officer Joshua Davies said. “We get along and we joke with everybody every day. It helps you get through the day, because we have tight deadlines."

A food truck can be the first impression for a chef looking to share his or her food. Davies and his crew take their jobs very seriously so the chef can then keep people coming back.

“It's a lot more rewarding, because I provide something that provides for someone else's family,” Cameron Davies said. “It's not just a car that sits in the garage."