Are you craving extreme tots with jalapenos at Sonic? Or have you ever wondered why McDonalds doesn't make crepes?

If the foodie in you has ever wondered, wonder no more. These snacks do exist. You just have to be a savvy customer to know how to get them.

Let's start with the secret Starbucks craze. There are pink and purple drinks.

At Sonic, you can still get those Frito pies that disappeared from the menu.

At McDonalds, if you have an especially large appetite, try ordering a Land, Air and Sea Burger: It's a Big Mac, McChicken and Filet of Fish all in one.

The Starbucks "pink drink" is one "secret" menu item available to order. (PHOTO:

Those crepes from earlier? Oh they exist, just order pancakes with a yogurt fruit parfait.

Chipotle also has treats like nachos and, brace yourselves, something called a "Burritodilla:" A crunchy, gooey burrito and Quesadilla combo that is smaller and reportedly more diet friendly.

We can't forget In-N-Out Burger. You can get your fries “Animal Style" at the popular fast food chain.

For more hidden treats, you can also try or