Bill Miller Bar-B-Q is known for it's barbecue, sauce, and sweet tea. But now they're adding tamales for the holidays!

Bill Miller customer Debra said,

"That's unusual because it's barbecue," said Debra, who was surprised at the new menu item when she went in on Tuesday.

"I thought it was kind of weird, Bill Miller's selling tamales when they are well-known for their barbecue," said Becky, who was there for lunch.

Matthew Vance, the operations manager for Bill Miller Bar-B-Q, said that the move was perfect for Texas at this time of year.

"We've been in San Antonio so long, and obviously what do people want during the holidays? Christmas and New Year's when it's cold, tamales," Vance said.

Why not! And it seems like a good deal. Three tamales, any two sides, and a drink for $7.39. And that's not all!

"Add on one tamale on any order for a dollar," Vance noted.

That would be four tamales! But grandma usually makes tamales, not Bill Miller!

"We still make everything by hand, so when you're coming to Bill Miller's you're still getting that homemade feel that you would have in your grandmother's kitchen," Vance explained.

Could these tamales actually be better than those made by your grandma? Debra told us,

"Oh, that would be some trouble," Debra said.

When Vance was asked he replied, "Don't put me in that situation."

Sylvia is a tamale guru and big-time Bill Miller customer. She had nothing but good things to say about Bill Miller's tamales.

"I came in here, I tasted them, and they are a breath of fresh air for your taste buds," Sylvia said.

She loved them so much, she bought eight dozen, not for herself but for friends and family in New York City. She plans to FedEx them!

Bill Miller's also sells tamales by the dozen for $7.49, hot or cold.

Today, people all over San Antonio were talking tamales, including Carlos, who works at Chilito's Express in the Medical Center. They've got tamales too.

"We have the best tamales right here in San Antonio," he said.

Jeremy Baker decided that he had to taste test these tamales. He reported back, that they were meaty and juicy.

"They are 50-50 masa and pork, whereas other restaurants are going to serve you a 70-30 ratio or somewhere around there," Vance noted.

It's a lot of meat and a price that can't be beat, but only until January 1.