Like they have many solemn times before, San Antonio firefighters turned out to pay their respects on bridges along the route of the funeral procession for San Marcos Police Officer Kenneth Copeland.

As a thin blue line of first responders moved mournfully along Loop 1604, firefighters from Station 40 stood in gratitude.

Several of them said that they have responded to this honor call before, for the three first responder memorials the city has seen in the last 13 months.

And like they did for SAPD Detective Benjamin Marconi, Firefighter Scott Deem, and Police Officer Miguel Moreno, standing at attention, the firefighters quietly said goodbye, with their silence speaking volumes.

One firefighter said that he signed up to serve and it is a solemn honor to serve in this way, saying thank you to Officer Copeland.

Online, the crowd of mourners swelled, with more than 30,000 people watching the KENS 5 Facebook feed of the procession.

Amanda spoke for many, writing: "I'm crying watching this and I'm a stranger. I can't imagine the hurt and sadness for his family and colleagues."

Joyce added, "I pray God will comfort this family and the community of San Marcos."

Becky offered prayers for strength during this difficult time, while Virginia said, "Into paradise may the angels lead you."

Many, at a standstill in traffic, added to the conversation, saying thank you to Officer Copeland for giving his life in service.

But perhaps Jennifer summed it up best:

"He will forever live in God's great glory."