Many children dream of one day walking down a runway. But for children with disabilities, that dream may seem out of reach.

One community fashion show is making those fashionista dreams come true with a show designed to help children with disabilities and local high school students shine.

It all started with Cynthia Oyler.

As a child, she always dreamed of walking down the runway. Her mother wanted to make that happen for her daughter, so 10 years ago, she created a fashion show just for people like Oyler.

"When I first started I would have dresses and skirts and as I got older I started wanting more grown-up outfits," said Oyler.

Now, a decade later, the show showcases dozens of local high schoolers from the area in design classes. Students are paired up with a disabled buddy to create a special runway look just for them.

The children in the fashion show have disabilities like Spina Bifida, Cerebral Palsy, and Downs Syndrome.

Vanessa Vazquez and Jennifer Navarro were paired up with Sebastian.

"It's really fun having to learn this experience and having to go along with what he has and what we have to go around, like the difficulties," said Navarro.

The two came up with the Luke Skywalker look for Sebastian, and although they did meet some challenges, the outfit was a hit.

"He was excited, he really loved the hood part of it! Especially once I showed him the lifesaver, he loved it," said Vazquez.

A great service project for students, while giving children like Sebastian a chance to shine.