In the face of tragedy, the Dallas Police Department found support and help from the San Antonio Police Department. And on Tuesday, they recognized the officers that lent a hand in a time of need.

On Tuesday, Dallas police made a special trip to San Antonio to personally thank the officers who volunteered after five of their officers were gunned down in an ambush attack last July.

The tragedy compelled more than 30 San Antonio police officers to pack their bags and head to Dallas to help. SAPD officers took calls, patrolled the streets and helped direct traffic during the funerals.

"We were making it possible for more officers to be able to go to the funeral services and say their goodbyes,” Officer Douglas Greene said.

The gesture wasn’t forgotten by DPD.

“The least we can do is come down and show them that we really appreciate their sacrifice for us," said John Lawton, assistant chief with the Dallas Police Department.

During the ceremony, San Antonio police officers who volunteered received a certificate and a ribbon to wear on their uniform.