When you're a parent you would do anything to spare your child from embarrassment.

Just like a dad in Utah who came to the rescue of his daughter.

When this dad learned his daughter had an accident at school, he couldn't let her go it alone.

Broken hearted when he got the call his kindergartner Valerie had to be picked up, Ben Sowards knew what he had to do.

When he showed up he sported his own 'accident.’

When he got to the office he asked his daughter if he could borrow her backpack to cover up and turned that frown upside down on Valerie.

Sowards’ older daughter posted the story to Twitter and it's since gone viral.

“That's called being a great father. I did the same thing, before,” Time MFC Truth tweeted.

Trevor Latta posted a meme saying he pulled a "Billy Madison."

According to Mashable, Valerie’s big sister said their dad helped Valerie learn to laugh about situations in life. Sowards deserves a gold star because apparently he is the father of 11 kids, many of them fosters.

They are even adopting four children this week.

Needless to say they got a good dad.