Morgan's Wonderland and the Make-A-Wish Foundation help fulfill the dreams of children who can't go to go to an amusement park because of their limitations. On Thursday, they lit up the life of one young child and his family.

Benny has cerebral palsy and is legally blind and deaf. The instant his mother Mercedes found Morgan's Wonderland, she knew this would be the adventure for him.

"They typically send kids to Disneyland or Disney World and that's not geared for him, so we wanted to make sure it was more geared for him since this is his wish," Mercedes Garza said.

"Sometimes families whave never had a vacation because of whatever challenges they may be dealing with, and here at Morgan's Wonderland we want them to come here to celebrate inclusion and have a wonderful relaxing family vacation," said Nikki Young, director of Morgan's Wonderland Entertainment.

Benny's Aunt Mary and cousin Andreas came along too, driving 13 hours from Missouri because Benny normally isn't able to fly. But Thursday was different because he flew plenty high by taking a ride on the ferris wheel.

They also got to take in a little ballet with Play and Pirouette. And for Benny, that meant he got to twirl too.

"This is something exciting for them because they haven't had these opportunities before," Young said.

"I thought that was really cool for us to be able to get up there and just do some twirls and actually get to stretch him at the same time as him doing the poses," Garza said. "I couldn't thank the park, I couldn't thank Make-A-Wish enough for what we are able to do for him."

Since 1984, Make-A-Wish of Central and South Texas has granted over 3,800 wishes.