Sad... Angry... Distraught... Devastated... Heartbroken!

During traumatic times such as this, it is easy to feel lost and alone. Many San Antonians were devastated by the loss of Det. Benjamin Marconi, a 20 year veteran of the San Antonio police force.

People who have never even met Det. Marconi felt the sting of this senseless act of violence in their hometown and towards a man dedicated to protecting them.

So many emotions were expressed that we decided to collect them in one place to remind people they were not grieving alone. We, too, at KENS 5 were grieving along with them. We too feel sad, angry, distraught, devastated, and heartbroken.

We decided to create a memorial board where people could share their emotions with others. We placed the board outside of SAPD headquarters where people have gathered to pay their respects to Det. Marconi.

We streamed the board on Facebook as people wrote one or two words on the board about how they were feeling. Of course, the depth of emotion left some unable to only share a few words.

"We are San Antonio, we love one another," Mario Antonio Sandoval wrote on the Facebook Live post.

Jeanne Beville said she was so sad. She said San Antonio is better than this. But, no matter how it was worded, people united behind the fact that the hideous action of one man does not define San Antonio.

Dozens stood staring at the board unable to put into words how they felt. Others simply said thank you to the man who gave his life protecting our wonderful city.

Because that is what we are, forever thankful to Det. Benjamin Marconi.