Just over a month ago, area tow truck drivers rode to remember fallen San Antonio firefighter Scott Deem. On Sunday, wreckers held another memorial ride for San Antonio police officer Miguel Moreno, who was killed in a shootout on June 29.

Wrecker drivers from in and around San Antonio set aside their Sunday morning for a special ride to honor Moreno.

"We're here in regards of Mr. Moreno," said Leroy Rodriguez of PRG Asset Recovery.

Thomas Eccleston of Texas Towing knew Moreno from high school.

"I knew Officer Miguel Moreno AKA ‘Big Mo,’" Eccleston recalled. "I went to Lanier with him. He was known for his smile, his warmth, his ability to be there to just listen to what was going on."

Most wrecker drivers participating in Sunday's memorial ride are complete strangers to Officer Moreno.

"I'm bringing a plaque for Officer Moreno's family and one for the police department," said Ina Nepsund, who also made plaques recently for Scott Deem and aspiring firefighter, 4-year-old River Laurence.

"We work with firefighters and police officers every day, and it's a sad deal that we have to be back so soon," said Jarrett Granado, a tow truck operator for Alaniz Wrecker.

The ride began at the AT&T Center.

"We're going through downtown, we're gonna pass in front of police headquarters flags flying, lights going, horns honking," Granado described.

Spectators couldn't help but capture the emotional moments of a partnership many don't realize exists.

"They look out for is when we're on the highway clearing a scene, but also what they do for us as a community, protect us," said Barbara Perales, owner of New Era Towing.

In the memorial ride for Scott Deem, at least 75 tow truck operators participated.

"Most of us do a lot of towing for police departments, so they see these guys on a day to day basis," Granado said. "Maybe we should start caring more. Maybe we should start caring for the people that are there for us and not take them for granted, because not every day is guaranteed."