Unless you've worked there or have been there for a meeting or perhaps a military ceremony, you may not know what lies inside the massive USAA campus on Fredericksburg Road. There are so many amenities, and and so much culture that helps the company treat their employees and over 12 million members even better.

Here's something most outsiders don't know: The complex is so large that there is a subterranean level made mainly for getting around, including electric carts like you see in airports to get from one building to another.

If employees have any technical issues with their electronic devices, they can head straight to the TechSpot, which is just like the Geek Squad at Best Buy or the Genius Bar at Apple.

The main headquarters building is 3/4 of a mile long. If you were to place it on it's end, it would be over 300 stories tall, larger than the size of three Empire State Buildings.

Over 5,000 employees work remotely, but they have the ability to "beam in" to one of 30 robots throughout the building. Those "cyborgs" can choose which robot the end up in based on the coordinates of their meeting.

The campus is home to three Starbucks and five company stores. And if you spill any of that Starbucks on your shirt, you can buy a whole new wardrobe without having to leave the building.

Speaking of leaving the building, what if you don't want to leave, but need to workout? They've got not one, not two, but three gyms!

The outside is just as impressive too, with 3.5 miles of trails around the property for those that want to walk or run outside. There are also soccer fields and basketball courts. There's plenty of wildlife too. Driving around the campus, a deer can be spotted every so often. So as people head home from work, they're greeted by a beautiful buck.

Back inside, there are cubicles like you'd see in any office with military figures throughout. But if you need to get away from your desk, you can have a little time out in the Recharge Zone by playing some ping pong. And If you get hungry after that game, hit up one of five cafeterias.

Bonus: If you eat healthy, the bill for your meal is cut in half.

They've also got the Social Exchange where members get real-time interaction with the company.

"We have a 30-member team of representatives whose full-time job is to monitor what our members are saying to us out of these social media channels like Facebook and like Twitter," said Michael Merwarth, executive vice president of enterprise, strategy, and marketing for USAA.

KENS 5's Jeremy Baker tweeted and tagged USAA and, in seconds, the tweet appeared for all of USAA to see.

But what the company considers to be the most important part of the building is the artwork and history of the company spread throughout.

"As you walk through the USAA building, you feel like we are doing something special, we are doing something together, a very purpose-driven mission in our company," CEO Stuart Parker said.

USAA, a company that was started by 25 officers 95 years ago, now boasts over 12 million members.