Normally, when you get pulled over by police you did something wrong. But if you get stopped in Shavano Park, you could be doing everything right!

Starting Friday, Shavano Park police officers are rewarding good drivers with a token of thanks.

"We're not gonna hand them a $300 traffic ticket, we're gonna hand them a coffee cup that they can take them with them and remember that because they did something good, that the police saw that and we want to do something good for them," said Chief Ray Lacy with the Shavano Park Police Department.

Over the next several months, officers will seek out the best of the best and reward drivers with the new Courteous Driver Award coffee mug.

"With the coffee cup, it not only becomes a constant reminder, every time they see it, of what they did, it can also show other people, if they have it at their office or at home, that they did something that was good" said Chief Lacy, who added that he wants to show drivers that a little courtesy on the roads won't go unnoticed.

"She was driving below the speed limit, she stopped at the red light and was back behind the stop bar which means she did not intrude into the pedestrian crosswalk," said Chief Lacy, before handing out a coffee cup Friday afternoon. "There's more and more traffic on the roads and it doesn't take any longer for you to get somewhere to be a little courteous and let someone merge into traffic or to use your signals for lane changes."