SAN ANTONIO - Flag Day marks the 240th birthday of the American flag.

"It's Flag Day. It’s the birthday of the United States' flag," said Vanessa Van De Putte, vice president of sales and marketing for Dixie Flag and Banner Company.

“Our flag is 240 years old,” she said. A pit of fire in front of the flag store turned hundreds of used American flags into ashes.

Perhaps it’s not what you think of when you celebrate a birthday, but when it comes to Old Glory’s birthday, this is tradition.

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“The U.S. Flag code states that when a flag is no longer in flying condition, the proper way to retire it is by burning,” she said. “That’s what we are doing outside."

Dixie Flag also offered tours of their flag making machine. Several service members were shown how flags are crafted and properly folded.

“We make sure to fold each flag so it can be unfurled and dipped into the fire properly,” she said.

Also as part of tradition, Dixie Flag hung a brand new 30x60 ft. flag on its 105 ft. pole.