A local high school student graduated as a hero Friday, only days after saving his classmate's life.

San Antonio Can Academy High School student, Madden Morales, saved his classmate who nearly drowned at Salas Family Park on Sunday.

"He starts drowning and he's asking for help and I turn around and try to get him to shore," Morales recalled. "Kept trying to pull him and pull him and I finally got him to the shore."

Morales, who grew up in foster care and is a teen father, said that his life experiences and instinct are what prepared him for that moment.

"I didn't do it to be heroic or anything," Morales said. "I just wanted my best friend to get home. I didn't want him to get hurt in any way."

After five days of recovering in the hospital, Robert Paylor, the friend Morales saved, is finally home.

"I said it to him when I was in the hospital, I told him, 'Bro, you know you're like family,'" Paylor said. "Especially now."