The Art Institute of San Antonio hosted its 'In Bloom' fashion show and several graduating seniors shared their designs.

One student, Golden Skyy, said that it typically takes six months to complete a collection. Skyy comes from four generations of tailors and said that graduating from the Art Institute of San Antonio has been a long time coming.

He shared how personal hardships, like the loss of his six family members, affected his ability to continue design school. Skyy said that he gave up for several years but decided to pick up again in San Antonio. After 16 years, Skyy is now graduating and was proud to showcase his one-of-a-kind collection called “The Four Horsemen” on Thursday night.

"I take four digital textiles and I make my own print. I use traditional couture techniques merging with Japanese pattern manipulation called transformational reconstruction that I learned in Tokyo, Japan," Skyy described. "I come up with my own concept. The unique thing about digital textiles is that the prints that will be seen March 16, they're my original prints. No one else in the world has these."

Another student designer, Dallas Alexius, shared how her collection was inspired by reptiles.

"Everything from the texture of their skin to the way the light reflects it," Alexius noted. "I did a lot of fabric manipulation. Anything from hand painting to beading, just trying to create that texture that the actual reptiles have."

Both Skyy and Alexius said that their ultimate goal is to launch their own fashion brand.

The student fashion show was held at La Quinta Inn and Suites on Horizon Hill for family and friends. The students prepared for several months to create their unique pieces and used their own money to pay for their materials.