On an isolated north-side road, just beyond the guard rail, in the lush vegetation, there is a Treasure Island of sorts, a place where burglars are tossing lots of stolen goods.

But one family that lives nearby has made it their mission to get those goods back into the hands of victims.

For the family’s safety, we are using only the woman’s first name.

Heidi said that her dad is retired and has plenty of time on his hands, so his hobby is traveling on the lonely road near the Leon Creek and looking for items burglars have tossed from moving vehicles.

The road is near The Rim and La Cantera. Heidi said that when she reunites victims with their property, they usually tell her they were ripped off while shopping.

Heidi believes that the burglars stop somewhere nearby and rifle through the goods.

While taking a walk on Thursday, Heidi found a handful of stolen credit and debit cards right away.

"And a lot of times we find people's medications too. That's what's really sad," Heidi said.

She said that several times each week, they find bounty in the bushes. Heidi says that usually the burglars keep everything of monetary value but, every so often, they mistakenly toss something surprising.

“One day we found two tablets. My dad saw a notebook hanging in a tree and he got it out and there was a tablet stuck into the flap,” Heidi recalled.

Heidi said that they use the internet to reunite what they find with those who have suffered losses.

“I know there was a doctor that was doing some kind of research. He had a lot of his notes in one of the notebooks and he was really fortunate to get those back. He was really thankful,” Heidi said.

The list of found items is varied and extensive: purses, wallets, backpacks, passports, visas, sporting goods, hand tools, shoes, electronics of all sorts, and lots of keys.

Heidi says that she has been offered rewards, but mostly she has heartfelt messages from grateful victims, like this one she read from her phone:

“I still cannot believe it. You are so incredible to take on such a task to return items to strangers. I am so grateful. You are an angel if I can ever return your kindness.”

Heidi said her motivation is simple:

“I've had my stuff stolen before. It's not fun.”

KENS 5 asked the San Antonio Police Department about the area and the activities therein. They have yet to respond to our inquiries.