PHILADELPHIA -- Showing support with art from across the country, Philadelphia Police Department Officer Jonny Castro honored fallen San Antonio Det. Benjamin Marconi with a portrait.

"It's really just to find a way to remember them and just to get their stories out," Castro said.

As KENS 5 reported, Marconi was a 20-year veteran of the San Antonio Police Department. He was killed in the line of duty Nov. 20.

KENS 5 spoke with Castro via Skype.

He is also a forensic artist for the City of Philadelphia and has created dozens of portraits of fallen first responders over the last several months.

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It all started with the memory of a fellow officer, former Philadelphia police Sgt. Robert Wilson III.

"He was posthumously promoted to sergeant, so I painted him with all of his medals on," Castro said.

However, instead of starting with a blank canvas, Castro paints on a digital tablet. He said he works with Photoshop's paint feature.

"You basically paint on it, and it mimics your brush strokes. It's just like you're painting with real paint. It's just all digital," he said.

After adding in final touches, he shares the portraits online, prints them out and sends them to the families of the fallen.

"So they know people three thousand miles away, two thousand miles away are thinking of them," Castro said.

The portrait of Marconi was presented to his family Monday and displayed at his funeral service.