SAN ANTONIO -- It’s Black Friday, but not everyone is focused on shopping.

A campaign called “Opt Outside” is encouraging families to get out of the stores and into the great outdoors is underway across the country.

There are plenty of families in San Antonio doing just that, enjoying the parks and trails this holiday weekend.

Jason Matthews and his two boys are in town visiting relatives for the holidays, but they’re enjoying the outdoors.

Since they’ve been to San Antonio many times, they know they all love OP Schnabel Park on Bandera Road, which is connected to the Howard W. Peak Greenway Trail System.

“This is the first thing they want to do is come out into the woods and look for deer and go exploring with the dogs,” Matthews said.

Landon said that he had never heard of the Opt Outside campaign, but he immediately embraced the concept.

“My mom would be mad,” Landon said. “But I think it would be fun because we get to go back in this giant woods to explore again.”

While the Matthews family loves the trails, dad Marco Medina says his younger boys love the park playground, and they go as often as they can.

“You know, you don't want them in the house all day playing with electronics when they probably get more out of playing outside using their imagination,” Medina said.

His son, five-year-old Marco, was flying high on the swings, his Superman cape flowing freely in the breeze.

Three-year-old Benjamin, meanwhile, was thrilled to slide.

“I think, when I was a kid, what did I do and you try and bring that back to them so that they can understand there's more to life, and interact with other kids also,” Medina said.

Looking over a sea of busy little bodies on the playground, Medina said that outdoor play is a valuable resource.

“Today, nowadays, it seems like it's harder to find so when you can find it, it's great!” Medina exclaimed.

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