SAN ANTONIO -- Hilarious. Loving. Full of faith. Those are just some of the thoughts being shared about Milton Ray Miles, the man who was shot dead on TPC Parkway on Sunday night during what the Bexar County Sheriff’s office is calling a home invasion.

Two men have been charged with capital murder for the incident.

Pastor Marcus McIntyre remembers his friend as a man of God.

"Pro-peace man. Pro people. He loved people. It's just who he was," McIntyre said.

The grieving minister said that Miles asked for time to talk about faith in their last conversation.

"When somebody says they want the word, I take that serious and we never got that opportunity to have that Bible study," McIntyre said.

The two men met through church and forged an important bond there.

“The pastor provided me and Milton to do vacation Bible school and teach the young guys together, and it was probably like the coolest week we had had, man. I really got to impact some lives of some young guys,” McIntyre recalled.

On social media, Miles' friends said that the story of his life of service is much bigger than the circumstance of his death.

"Facebook is just so flooded right now with great stuff like about who he was and that's not made up stuff. That's who he is,” McIntyre noted.

Many friends left comments about Miles’ gentle nature and infectious smile, saying he just wanted to do something to bring about positive change.

“And my major prayer now is, you know, through his life, that somebody discover who Christ is because if anybody ever wants to see Milton again, they got to have their life right,” McIntyre said.

Co-workers said they're planning a balloon release in Miles' honor on Friday.

Funeral arrangements are still pending.